ðŸ’ĄChallenges & Solutions

Each game emerges from a challenge in the market. These challenges do not take place in a certain circle. It can be about any element that makes a game a game. So, what are the challenges in the story of the emergence of Spinblade?

Challenge 1: True Ownership

Many games on the market lack true ownership in terms of what the game offers to players. At this point, the element we are talking about might be a character or item that the game offers. How many games can you count where your in-game items are ONLY unique to you in terms of both appearance and stats? How far can you go with customizing your own NFT identity?


Spinblade offers full ownership of your in-game items. Each Spinblade you'll get from the airdrop is unique and ready-to-play. What makes it better is that the parts you obtain from exclusive matches, tournaments, secondary marketplace, or other in-game content will also lead you to further customize your Spinblades to make them unique pieces and get them ready to battle in the arena.

Challenge 2: Lack of Quality Gameplay

While many NFT games highlight the "earning" theme, they do not give enough importance to the gameplay experience and therefore ignore the fact that a player should earn money by playing the game with pleasure. Each player has a certain amount of time they spend on a game to earn a certain amount of money. The number of games that make good use of this time and adopt a more balanced perspective by harmonizing the "earning" part with a quality gameplay experience is very few.


As the Spinblade team, we value balance while developing our games. When it comes to the blockchain gaming space, we believe that gameplay experience is as important as the earning part of the game. We care about the time players spend in our games, therefore we designed Spinblade to maximize the enjoyment of our player base with types of battles, tournaments, quests, forging, limited-time events, and more.

Challenge 3: A Fading Childhood Game

Such a revolutionary game (or toy) of a generation is fading away, and there are a very limited amount of games based on the spinning-top theme. A game that reached millions in its time, organized official tournaments, and achieved great success around the world is about to die.


Spinning-top was one of the favorite childhood games of those who had their childhood back in the early 2000s. With the emergence of the world-famous anime and manga based on the spinning-top theme, the sales of the toy skyrocketed. It became one of the most popular toy lines in the world from 2000–2005. According to the official statements, over 100 million units had been sold worldwide as of 2005.

We can clearly say that it became a game that almost every child played in their backyard. This must have left a mark on a whole generation. Thus, we wanted to bring this hype back with an amazing and dynamic game harmonized with the blockchain gaming elements and today's technology.

Challenge 4: High Gas Fee

One of the issues that play-to-earn communities complain about the most is that the gas (transaction) fees are too high. Spending high fees for each transaction is not ideal for most crypto users. Eventually, this leads blockchain-based games to adopt the wrong network.


Listening to what the community says is crucial. Our team has their eyes on the blockchain gaming communities as well as the industry itself to stay up-to-date with the common problems players might have. According to this, we have decided to use the Polygon network to prevent players from encountering high gas fees and long transaction times.

This part of the whitepaper is not yet the final version. Some changes might be applied during the development process.

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