Daily Quests

To increase retention and the enjoyment level of the game, we are implementing Daily Quests in the game.
  • 3 random Daily Quests are given to players each day.
  • By completing Daily Quests, Players can earn $BOLT or $SBC as quest rewards depending on the difficulty level of the quest.
  • Daily Quests can be rerolled by using a certain amount of $BOLT.
In the later stages of Spinblade, we plan to go beyond Daily Quests and implement Weekly/Monthly/Seasonal/General Quests to reward players with different types of prizes in long term.

Daily Quest Examples

  • Participate in x number of Daily Spinroyale battles.
  • Participate in x number of battles. (Any type)
  • Win x number of battles. (Any type)
  • Throw x number of Bladers out of the arena.
  • Break x number of Spinblades.
  • Survive for x number of seconds in a single battle.
This part of the whitepaper is not yet the final version. Some changes might be applied during the development process.