Forging Parts

As it is mentioned in the Parts section, Spinblade parts are obtainable. With the forging system in the game, you can combine the parts you have and create a brand new Spinblade.
To forge a new Spinblade, you will need all three parts. To start the forging process, you must pay 1,500 $SBC + 15,000 $BOLT and wait 3 days for the process to complete. In addition, when a player forges a Spinblade, it will appear as “unnamed”. Players have the right to rename their forged Spinblades once.
The type of new Spinblade you forge is determined by the types of parts in it. According to this while forging,
  • If two of the parts are the same type, your new Spinblade's type is determined by the types of those two parts. In addition, your Spinblade will get a bonus stat (from 5 to 10) of that type.
    • For example, you have a Stamina type Power Ring, a Defence type Metal Disc, and a Stamina type Tip. When you go into the forging process, the new Spinblade you create will be a Stamina type Spinblade. It will also get a random amount of bonus Stamina (from 5 to 10).
  • If all of the parts you have are the same type, the new Spinblade you forge will have even more bonus stat (from 11 to 20) of that type.
  • If all of the parts you have are different types, then this means that a new Balance type Spinblade is born. Newly forged Balance type Spinblades may have a bonus (from 0 to 5) for each stat.
This part of the whitepaper is not yet the final version. Some changes might be applied during the development process.