ðŸ”ĐParts (ERC-1155)

Each part is a non-fungible token (NFTs) of type ERC-1155. All Spinblades consist of 3 parts: Power Ring, Metal Disc, and Tip.

Stats of the parts

Each part has three main stats and two secondary stats. The main stats are Attack, Defence, and Stamina while secondary stats are Agility and Burst. The stats of all Power Rings, Metal Discs, and Tips are predefined.

The type of a part is determined by whichever stat has the highest value on that part. However, if a part has two or more equal stats, then the type of the part is determined by looking at the stat priority of that part. According to this,

  • The stat priority of the Power Ring: Attack > Stamina > Defence

  • The stat priority of the Metal Disc: Defence > Attack > Stamina

  • The stat priority of the Tip: Stamina > Defence > Attack

For example, you have a Power Ring where the values of Attack and Defence are equal and Stamina has the lowest value. This means that the type of this part is Attack, because the stat Power Ring is most prone to is Attack.

In another example, if there's a Tip where Attack and Defence are equal and Stamina is the lowest, that part's type is Defence. Because at this point, we need to look at the second stat that the Tip is most prone to. Remember, this rule only applies when two or more stats are equal in a part.

Each part can grant each stat, but this is not mandatory. Any stat in a part can also have the value 0. On the other hand, the maximum value a stat can have is 50.

Each Part (Power Ring, Metal Disc, Tip) has 15 different designs. The stats that each design has are also different from each other. The designs of all Parts are divided into three different categories in terms of coloring: Default, Alternative, and Premium. The rarity of these coloring categories is as follows: Default > Alternative > Premium.

How to obtain parts

Parts in the game can be obtained from the in-game store, secondary marketplaces or winning exclusive battles/tournaments.

  • Chests will be available in three different types (common, rare and legendary) in the in-game store. The quality of the parts coming out of the chests varies depending on the quality of the chest.

  • If players wish, they have the option to sell the chests in the secondary market instead of opening them.

  • The parts that players earn as a prize from winning an exclusive battle or a tournament are more likely to be more valuable and give better stats.

  • Once parts are used to forge a new Spinblade, they cannot be reclaimed. In other words, forged Spinblades cannot be deforged.

This part of the whitepaper is not yet the final version. Some changes might be applied during the development process.

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