• Spinduel is a battle mode where one Blader fights against another Blader, in other words, it is a "1 vs 1" battle mode.

  • This game mode requires no entry fee.

  • A maximum of 5 Spinduel battles can be played per Spinblade per day. (First Edition Box owners can participate in +1 extra Daily Spinduel battle per day.)

  • Spinduel winners are rewarded with $BOLT.

  • A Spinduel can consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 rounds.

  • There is a certain scoring system in this battle mode. Essentially, the first to reach 3 points wins. According to this:

    • Winning the round by throwing out the opponent: 1 point

    • Winning the round by spinning longer than the opponent: 1 point

    • Winning the round by breaking the opponent: 2 points

Prize Distribution



25 $BOLT

Round Win

25 $BOLT

Match Win

100 $BOLT

Throwout Bonus

10 $BOLT

Break Bonus

20 $BOLT

Strike Bonus*

40 $BOLT

*In cases where the match is won 4-0 by breaking the opponent 2 times in a row, the winner receives the β€œStrike Bonus”

This part of the whitepaper is not yet the final version. Some changes might be applied during the development process.

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