Token Launch Phases

Phase #1

  • $SBC will NOT be launched in Token Launch Phase #1.
  • With the release of the full version of the game, all on-chain transactions within the scope of $SBC utilities will be made with native tokens or stable coin. ($MATIC or $USDC)
  • These transactions include $SBC utilities given in the “Spinblade Coin | $SBC (Governance)” page. (All except token burn)
  • $BOLT will be launched off-chain as an in-game currency.

Phase #2

  • $SBC will be launched publicly as the governance token in Token Launch Phase #2.
  • All utilities given in the “Spinblade Coin | $SBC (Governance)” page will be available with $SBC.
  • The use of native token and stable coin will gradually be replaced by the use of $SBC token.
  • $BOLT will be switched from off-chain in-game currency to on-chain in-game utility token.
  • All collected $BOLT tokens during Phase #1 will be migrated to Phase #2.