🏆Tournaments and League


Tournaments take place in the Spinduel battle mode and give out exclusive prizes. They are planned to be organized daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal.

To participate in a tournament, Bladers must assign a Spinblade of their choice for that tournament, therefore, cannot use that Spinblade in other matches until the tournament is over.

Tournaments can distribute prizes such as Spinblade parts and $SBC tokens. These parts will be completely exclusive and cannot be obtained from any other in-game content or purchased from the secondary market. Additionally, they are more likely to be more powerful.

Tournament Rules




Entry Requirement

At least 1 Spinblade to assign

Entry Fee


Prize Pool

Parts, $SBC, $BOLT


Daily, Weekly, Yearly, or Seasonal


Spinblade League is based on earning points from winning Spinroyale matches or getting in-match achievements as we have mentioned in the Battles section. League points can only be earned in free Spinroyale matches.

Each achievement you earn from free Spinroyale matches has a point equivalent. The points you earn determine your rank in the League. The Top 10 Bladers of the week earn various rewards and the League resets each week. There may be monthly, seasonal, annual, or exclusive Leagues in the later stages of the game.

To take part in the Spinblade League, Bladers must select their Primary Spinblade as the League placement is determined by the points collected by the selected Primary Spinblade. Accordingly, Bladers should choose their Spinblades wisely as points will only be collected from free Spinroyale matches.

If a Blader is using a rented Spinblade, that Spinblade cannot be selected as a Primary Spinblade, so it will not be possible to earn League points. The same rule applies to Spinblade owners as they cannot collect League points from the Spinblade they rent.

In addition, each Spinblade belongs to a certain class. This class is determined by Spinblade's stats. Spinblades within the same class can participate in their own class-specific matches. Accordingly, there may be cases where Spinblades with significant differences in the overall score cannot enter the same match in order to avoid inequality.

This part of the whitepaper is not yet the final version. Some changes might be applied during the development process.

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