Competitive Spinroyale
  • A Competitive Spinroyale battle is a group battle of 6-12 players.
  • Competitive Spinroyale battles require $SBC as entry fee.
  • All entry fees are collected in the prize pool.
  • A maximum of 5 Competitive Spinroyale battles can be played per Spinblade per day.
    • Each battle consumes one Ticket.
    • Each Ticket regenerates every 3 hours.
    • Players who don't want to wait can regenerate their Tickets with the $SBC+$BOLT token. (Max: 5 Tickets)
  • Spinroyale winners are rewarded with $SBC and $BOLT.

Prize Pool Distribution

1st Prize
50% of Total Entry Fee ($SBC)
2nd Prize
25% of Total Entry Fee ($SBC)
3rd Prize
15% of Total Entry Fee ($SBC)
10% of Total Entry Fee ($SBC)

Additional Prizes

Throwout Bonus
1 $SBC
Break Bonus
2 $SBC
Participation Bonus
50 $BOLT
This part of the whitepaper is not yet the final version. Some changes might be applied during the development process.
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