🎁First Edition Box (ERC-1155)

The First Edition Box is the primary and the first game asset that will be on sale. It contains one preforged Spinblade and one First Edition Launcher.

  • Parts of a preforged Spinblade are random, the stats of the parts are depending on the predefined parts. The output rate of each piece is equal.

  • The Launcher included in the First Edition Box has different rarities. The rarity of each tier of Launchers has a certain percentage.

  • Essentially, one Spinblade is enough to play the game. However, Launchers can strengthen your Spinblade by providing your Spinblade with extra stats in certain percentages, depending on its rarity. (For detailed information about Launchers, you can visit the "Launchers" section.)

  • The total supply of the First Edition Box is 2500.

  • First Edition Box can be purchased in all drops leading up to the game's release. However, a certain number of First Edition Boxes will be sold at certain time intervals over the total supply. This process will not exceed 2500 First Edition Boxes.

  • Free Claim Pass holders can claim a free First Edition Box when they burn their pass.

  • Mint Pass holders are entitled to purchase a First Edition Box with a 20% discount during NFT drops and can participate in the Early Access process which is 1 day before the public sale.

  • First Edition Box holders will not be able to crack their boxes immediately after they purchase them. These boxes will be crackable from the date determined by the Spinblade team.

  • First Edition Boxes are burned when cracked.

  • When a player cracks a First Edition Box, the Spinblade inside that box will appear as β€œunnamed”. However, players have the right to rename their Spinblades once.

  • Spinblades that First Edition Boxes drop will have the "First Edition" tag on them.

  • A Spinblade with the "First Edition" tag allows the owner to participate in +1 extra Daily Spinduel and +1 extra Daily Spinroyale battle per day (if played with that Spinblade). Even though a First Edition Spinblade gets sold in the secondary marketplace, it will still hold its tag and the extra features it has.

  • Every First Edition Box is also an NFT (if not opened), so they can be tradable in the secondary marketplaces.

This part of the whitepaper is not yet the final version. Some changes might be applied during the development process.

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