How to Earn $SBC

Winning Competitive Battles

Competitive Battles, one of the most important gameplay elements of Spinblade, rewards the top three players with $SBC tokens. Accordingly, a certain amount of $SBC is collected in the prize pool before the Battle starts. The first place is given 50% of the Total Fee, the second place is given 25% of the Total Fee and the third place is given $SBC at 15% of the Total Fee.

Earning Performance Bonuses

Another important feature in the reward system of Competitive Battles is that all players who are in the top three or not can earn Performance Bonuses. In other words, Performance Bonuses can award $SBC to one or more players participating in that battle, regardless of the rank in a particular Spinroyale Battle.

According to this, there are two types of Performance Bonuses for Competitive Spinroyale Battles: Throwout Bonus and Break Bonus. A player earns 1 $SBC for each Spinblade thrown out of the arena during the battle. Likewise, a player can also earn 2 $SBC for each Spinblade they break in the arena during the battle.

Selling NFTs on the Marketplace

Like many NFT projects using blockchain technology, Spinblade allows NFT holders to sell their NFTs on the marketplace. For each NFT (ERC-721) sold, after deducting all fees, a certain amount of $SBC estimated by the network goes to the seller.

Attending Tournaments and Leagues

Tournaments take place in the Spinduel battle mode and reward with $SBC, $BOLT, and Parts (ERC-1155). They are planned to be organized daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal. To participate in a tournament, Bladers must assign a Spinblade of their choice for that tournament, therefore, cannot use that Spinblade in other matches until the tournament is over. The tournament prize pool includes $SBC, and it may also include Parts (ERC-1155) and $BOLT. Tournament winners earn $SBC in the amount determined by that certain tournament.

Staking Token & LP

To begin staking, it is required to own $SBC tokens. From the amount of $SBC that has been locked, players will earn a certain amount of reward $SBC during the period of the lock. This can be called a β€œpassive income”. According to this, to earn passive income with staking, it is necessary to lock a certain amount of owned $SBC tokens.

With staking, a player can continue to earn money regardless of the change of the market. It is worth mentioning that when the owned $SBC tokens are locked for staking, the owner of that asset does not change. The main function here is to contribute to the blockchain of the staked cryptocurrency, verifying the transactions taking place on the network and ensuring that the system runs smoothly.

Lending Spinblades

Lending Spinblades is another way of earning passive income for Spinblade owners. There are two different revenue models when listing a Spinblade for lending. The first is the revenue-sharing model, and the second is the fixed-price revenue model.

The revenue-sharing model takes place with a percentage split between the Spinblade tenant and the Spinblade owner. The tenant must share a percentage of the income from in-game matches as determined by the Spinblade owner.

On the other hand, the fixed-price revenue model is a model that guarantees a fixed income for the Spinblade owner. The tenant pays the fixed price set by the Spinblade owner, after which the tenant can keep all prizes earned from in-game content and does not have to share them with the Spinblade owner.

Hosting Competitive Matches on Owned Arena

Arenas are where Spinblade battles take place. They are also non-fungible tokens of type ERC-721. Arena owners will earn a certain percentage of the prize collected in the matches played in their own arenas. Earning $SBC in battles played in arenas is based on a periodic cycle based on the total number of all arena owners.

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