1- What is Spinblade?
Spinblade is a unique P2E game that brings back childhood memories. Each player owns fully customizable & modern-looking spinning-tops and battles them in arenas to win prizes.
The game offers a dynamic, quick, and competitive gameplay experience. The main purpose of Spinblade is simple: Collecting & customizing a Spinblade, battling in the arena, and earning prizes.
2- How many types of Spinblades are there in total?
Essentially, there are four types of Spinblades: Attack, Defence, Stamina, and Balance. In addition, each type of Spinblade has three parts: Power Ring, Metal Disc, and Tip. Players can earn unique parts by winning exclusive battles or tournaments and by obtaining from in-game content.
3- What are Spinblade Battles?
Spinblade offers two main battle modes: Spinduel and Spinroyale. Spinduels are "1 vs 1" battles played by one Blader against another Blader. Spinroyale is a battle mode where multiple Bladers fight to be the last Spinblade standing. Both battle modes have a certain scoring system, but the surviving Spinblade always wins.
4- How to forge Spinblades?
To forge a new Spinblade, you will need all three parts. To start the forging process, you must pay 1,500 $SBC + 15,000 $BOLT and wait 3 days for the process to complete.
5- Will there be tournaments and leagues in the game?
Yes, but in the further stages of the game. Tournaments will take place in the Spinduel battle mode and give out exclusive prizes. They are planned to be organized daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal. To participate in a tournament, Bladers must assign a Spinblade of their choice for that tournament, therefore, cannot use that Spinblade in other matches until the tournament is over.
On the other hand, the Spinblade League is based on earning points from winning Spinroyale matches or getting in-match achievements. League points can only be earned in free Spinroyale matches.
You can check out the details here.
6- Can I rent a Spinblade?
Yes. Spinblade owners can rent their Spinblades to other players if they wish. This can be done easily by clicking the "Rent" option on the interface where all the features of Spinblade are displayed.
A Spinblade owner is offered two different revenue models when listing their Spinblade for rent. The first is the revenue-sharing model, and the second is the fixed-price revenue model.


1- Which blockchain network will Spinblade be based on?
Spinblade will use the Polygon network, one of the world's most popular and safest blockchain technologies in development of Spinblade. All in-game and NFT transactions are made through Polygon (in MATIC).
In the future, the game might adopt new blockchain network(s), therefore might switch to multichain. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements on our socials.
2- What is a Spinblade NFT?
A Spinblade NFT is the main item that you need to start playing the game. It represents one of the most popular toys of the early 2000s but in a digital world. All Spinblades are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of type ERC-721.
3- What is $SBC?
$SBC (ERC-20) is fungible governance and staking token that gives ownership of Spinblade to $SBC owners, who will vote on the future development of Spinblade and stake their $SBC tokens to earn rewards.
4- What is the total supply of $SBC?
The total supply of $SBC is 1,000,000,000.
5- Can I earn $BOLT tokens by playing the game?
Yes. You can earn $BOLT tokens by winning competitive battles, earning performance bonuses in competitive battles, attending tournaments and leagues, and hosting competitive battles in your own arenas.
There are other ways to earn $BOLT tokens besides these gameplay elements, such as selling NFTs on the marketplace, staking tokens & LP, and lending Spinblades.
6- What is $BOLT?
$BOLT (ERC - 20) is a fungible utility token and will be minted through players. There will be no IDO for $BOLT and no $BOLT will be ever "pre-minted". $BOLT total supply is uncapped and all the $BOLT spent in-game will be burned.


1- Who is behind the Spinblade project?
Co-Founders of Suji Games are behind the Spinblade project. Since 2018 they have achieved success with over 100 million downloads worldwide. The experienced team has released a total of 12 hyper-casual games on both iOS and Android platforms since its establishment. With their great passion for blockchain gaming and metaverse, they aim to embark on new adventures and achieve great success in these areas.
2- Where is the team based?
Even though many of our team members are based in Turkey, we also have team members from other countries too. That’s why we prefer to name our project an international project. We’re all working remotely and we always welcome new team members from other nationalities!
3- How many people does the Spinblade team currently consist of?
Our team size is currently in double digits and includes developers for smart contracts, game developers, graphics designers, content team, marketing team, and more.


1- On which platform will Spinblade be launched?
We plan to release the game on the web platform. However, in the future, we might bring it to other platforms (such as mobile) as well.
2- When will the game be available to play?
The current plan is to release Spinblade in Q1 2023. It’s worth mentioning that the dates might change due to the situation of the market and our progress in development. We will keep our community updated with our roadmap.
3- When can I mint?
Spinblade’s minting process starts with private drops planned in Q3 2022. If you have a Mint Pass or Free Claim Pass, you will be able to mint during these private drops. If you don’t have these passes, you can still mint NFTs during the public NFT drops that will start in Q4 2022. You can find the details on our roadmap.
4- What is the price of Spinblade NFT?
Currently, we have not set a price for Spinblade NFTs due to the current situation of the market and so on. We want to make the best decision for our community to have the best Spinblade experience during this journey. As soon as the prices are set for minting, we will announce it on our socials and whitepaper!
5- What is Mint Pass?
Mint Pass represents a restructuring of the traditional whitelist system. Unlike the whitelist, a person will be able to hold more than one Mint Pass (if qualified) and will be able to mint NFTs as many as the number of owned Mint Passes during private drops.
Mint Pass will add extra value to the Spinblade project, meaning that Mint Pass holders will have the right to sell or transfer one or more Mint Passes they own to someone else if they wish. Additionally, unlike the whitelist, it offers a wider time frame, offering Mint Pass holders more flexibility in terms of time.
6- What is Free Claim Pass?
Free Claim Pass, which is systematically similar to the Mint Pass, will offer its holders the right to claim the first Edition Box for free during the private drop process.
Free Claim Pass holders will not pay any prices to own the First Edition Box, they will only need to claim it during the private drop. One Free Claim Pass will be equivalent to one free First Edition Box. If a person qualifies, they will be able to have more than one Free Claim Pass. Free Claim Pass holders, just like Mint Pass holders, will be able to sell or transfer these rights to others if they wish, resulting in a process that creates value.
7- How can I earn Mint Pass or Free Claim Pass?
You can earn Mint Pass and/or Free Claim Pass by participating in our Gleam/Discord/Twitter giveaways, joining the invite competition on our Discord, or challenging others in upcoming tournaments. In the near future, there will be more community activities to earn these passes!
8- I’ve recently won a Mint Pass/Free Claim Pass. How can I claim it?
It depends on which platform/community activity you’ve earned your pass.
If you’ve won a Gleam/Discord giveaway, you must send your wallet address via direct message to our community manager on Discord.
If you’ve won a giveaway on Twitter, you must send your wallet address via direct message to @spinbladeio.
If you’ve won the invite competition on Discord, you must send your wallet address via direct message to our community manager on Discord.