Renting and Listing

Spinblade owners can rent their Spinblades to other players if they wish. This can be done easily by clicking the "Rent" option on the interface where all the features of Spinblade are displayed.
A Spinblade owner is offered two different revenue models when listing their Spinblade for rent. The first is the revenue-sharing model, and the second is the fixed-price revenue model.
The revenue-sharing model takes place with a percentage split between the Spinblade tenant and the Spinblade owner. The tenant must share a percentage of the income from in-game matches as determined by the Spinblade owner.
On the other hand, fixed-price revenue model is a model that guarantees a fixed income for the Spinblade owner. The tenant pays the fixed price set by the Spinblade owner, after which the tenant can keep all prizes earned from in-game content and do not have to share them with the Spinblade owner.
Tenants cannot rent or sell the rented Spinblade to other players and can't deforge the Spinblade, therefore cannot select that Spinlade as their "Primary Spinblade".
This part of the whitepaper is not yet the final version. Some changes might be applied during the development process.