🎫Spinblade Pass (ERC-1155)

Spinblade Pass is an NFT collection of type ERC-1155 and featured on OpenSea. They will only be distributed to a pool of Spinblade community members as a result of Spinblade-exclusive giveaways and community events.

With Spinblade Pass, we aim to make the minting process more dynamic, decentralized, and valuable. First Edition Box can be purchased in all drops leading up to the game's release. However, a certain number of First Edition Boxes will be sold at certain time intervals over the total supply.

Currently, there are two different types of Spinblade Passes: Mint Pass and Free Claim Pass. In the future, we might add more types of passes for our community to use.

Both Mint Pass and Free Claim Pass are tradable. You can view the Spinblade Pass Collection on OpenSea here: https://opensea.io/collection/spinblade-pass

What is Mint Pass?

Mint Pass represents a restructured system of the traditional whitelist system. It offers Early Access and a 20% discount for the First Edition Box sales.

  • Early Access offers Mint Pass holders the chance to purchase a First Edition Box one day before the NFT drop starts.

  • Mint Pass holders can purchase a First Edition Box with a 20% discount at any time during both the Early Access process and the public NFT drops.

  • If a Mint Pass holder fails to purchase a First Edition Box during an NFT drop, they can use their pass for the next drop. However, the 20% discount is only applied to the First Edition Box price set for a drop.

  • Unlike the whitelist, a person will be able to hold more than one Mint Pass (if qualified) and will be able to mint NFTs as many as the number of owned Mint Passes during NFT drops.

  • Mint Pass adds extra value to the Spinblade project, meaning that Mint Pass holders have the right to sell or transfer one or more Mint Passes they own to someone else if they wish. Additionally, unlike the whitelist, it offers a wider time frame, offering Mint Pass holders more flexibility in terms of time.

  • Mint Pass is not an item that we sell, just like in the whitelist system, it is something that we airdrop to the wallet addresses of the winners of giveaways and community events.

  • One Mint Pass is equivalent to one NFT mint during the drop. In other words, Mint Pass holders will be able to mint one First Edition Box for one Mint Pass plus NFT price when NFT drops start.

What is Free Claim Pass?

Another Spinblade Pass that has been launched in OpenSea is the β€œFree Claim Pass”. Free Claim Pass, which is systematically similar to the Mint Pass, offers its holders the right to claim the first Edition Box for free during NFT drops.

  • Free Claim Pass holders will not pay any prices to own the First Edition Box, they will only need to burn it during NFT drops to claim a First Edition Box.

  • One Free Claim Pass is equivalent to one free First Edition Box. If a person qualifies, they will be able to have more than one Free Claim Pass.

  • Free Claim Pass holders, just like Mint Pass holders, will be able to sell or transfer their passes to others if they wish, resulting in a process that creates value.

  • The right to claim a First Edition Box for free through a Free Claim Pass will never be lost. For this, we will reserve a certain amount of First Edition Boxes for Free Claim Pass holders from the total number of First Edition Boxes. This means that no matter what, Free Claim Pass holders can claim their free First Edition Box at any time.

  • Free Claim Pass is a much rarer pass than Mint Pass. In order to win these passes, it is very important that our community members participate in the giveaways and events we organize which will increase the chances of winning.

With Mint Pass and Free Claim Pass, we aim to allow people to be more flexible about the assets they have. Also, we want to stick to the principle of true ownership that we have adopted as we have mentioned in our whitepaper earlier.

With these passes, people will have the opportunity to convert what they have into value when they cannot claim their First Edition Box for any reason during NFT drops. So, their rights will be β€œunburned” as in traditional systems.

If you win a Mint Pass or Free Claim Pass, you must contact us and share your wallet address in order to have the airdrop in your wallet. It is important to check your wallet in this process. On the mint day, the passes you win must be in your wallet, if you transfer your passes before the mint day, you also transfer your minting right. In addition, when you use your pass it will be instantly burned, meaning you will not be able to use that pass multiple times. Keep that in mind!

This part of the whitepaper is not yet the final version. Some changes might be applied during the development process.

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